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The worms we sell are European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis). They can be used for indoor, and outdoor composting in-season. They are also excellent bait worms. Although they are nightcrawlers, they are not like the nightcrawlers you find in your lawn. Those are Canadian Nightcrawlers and they do NOT do well in vermicompost bins. When vermicomposting make sure to keep the bin between 15 and 20 degrees celsius. Worms can possibly be outside during the summer if the temperature is consistent but they will need to be in a heated area during the winter.

These worms also make excellent bait worms because they thrive in warmer climates. They can be stored on the shelves in businesses and will not turn to mush sitting in your boat on a hot day.

Qualities of European Nightcrawlers:

  1. Able to handle diverse conditions.
  2. Incredible waste processing ability.
  3. Large Size.
  4. Large breeding potential.
  5. Thrive in warmer temperatures.

Product Info:

We sell the worms from _ pound up to 20 or more pounds depending on the amount of worms we have at the time. We have a fairly large operation and can usually have your worms ready for pick up or to be delivered within a few days or a week at the latest. We are currently only shipping in Canada. In the Lethbridge and 30km radius we can arrange to deliver them to you personally or have you pick them up. Please see our online store for details or e-mail us for more information.

If you are a business owner looking for large quantities of worms for bait sales please contact us for bulk pricing or more information.

Worm Factory®

This Worm Factory® is a unique version of the extraordinarily popular self-sorting, upward migration worm bin system. It will accommodate a household, small office or classroom. Made in the USA (WA), it includes all of the following:

  1. Detailed illustrated instruction booklet with the latest worm culture techniques
  2. 3 times the feeding surface than the space it occupies
  3. Supports up to 15 lbs. of worms (about 7 lbs. of kitchen scraps daily)
  4. Worm composting volume of 1.5 cubic feet
  5. 3 stacking (16" x 16") trays to contain earthworms and composting materials
  6. Moisture (Leachate) collection tray with spigot
  7. Starter bedding of coconut husk fiber and shredded paper
  8. Constructed of durable recycled black plastic
  9. Flat lid with handle
  10. Removable stand
  11. Additional trays available
  12. Easy to move

You will need at least 1 lb of worms to get started. If you want a more rapid start you will need 2 lbs.

You can order your worms at the same time as your factory but remember your worms will need to be put into the factory hours after you receive it.


NutriLoam® is a professional high quality soil. It contains compost, peat moss, sand, and pine bark.


  1. Contains NO weed seed.
  2. Enriches soil in gardens and flowerbed.
  3. Excellent starter soil for planters and planter boxes.
  4. High Quality Soil

Product Info: NutriLoam is sold in 20L bags or by the yard. Delivery of soil in the Lethbridge and 30km radius can be arranged. Upon request 20L bags can also be picked up at our Lethbridge Farmer's Market Booth May - Mid. October.


  1. Planters and Planter Boxes: Use at full strength as a potting soil in planters or boxes for optimal results.
  2. Gardens and Flower Beds: NutriLoam can be mixed in with the existing soil to improve soil conditions. It can also be applied at full strength.
  3. Lawns: Apply after final grade of topsoil before seeding or laying sod. At least 25mm cover is recommended.

Please contact us for bulk pricing.

Earthworm Castings

Our earthworm castings (vermicast) are an excellent all natural plant food and soil mender. We raise our worms on a large scale with great care so that they produce a consistent nutrient packed casting every time. These castings, or manure from the worms are full of easy to absorb nutrients for your plants because the worms breakdown the materials that they eat so that it is easier for your plants to absorb them. The nutrients that the castings contain are slow released and work at building up the soil they are added to.


  1. Enhance plant growth and vibrancy
  2. Act as a natural fertilizer or plant food
  3. Slow release essential nutrients into the soil
  4. Strengthen plant roots
  5. Aid in moisture retention and aeration
  6. Odorless and non-toxic
  7. Safe to use on all INDOOR and OUTDOOR plants


  1. Vegetable and Annual Flowers - Line bottom and sides of plant holes and seed furrows with 1" and 2" of earthworm castings. Set seeds or plants in place and cover with soil.  Side dress during growing season with a rate of 1/2 cup per plant or 1 cup per linear foot of row once every two months.
  2. Perennials - Work 1/2 cup into the soil above their root zone taking care not to damage shallow roots. Apply in spring, early summer and early fall.
  3. Potted Plants and seed/Seed Flats - New - Potting Mix - Use 1 part earthworm castings to 3 parts soil.
  4. Potted plants, window boxes, or hanging baskets - Add 1-2 inches of earthworm castings to 3 parts soil. Surround newly dug hole with mixture. Spread roots over a mound of the mix in the hole and cover.
  5. Roses - Established - Mix 4 cups of earthworm castings into soil 2-3 inches below the surface for each plant.
  6. Lawns - New - Apply 5kg per 100 sq feet. Work lightly into the topsoil. Mix in grass seed and water well.
  7. Lawns - Established - Distribute as top dress.
  8. Casting Tea - Soak 1 part castings in 3 parts water for 12 - 24 hours. Stir well and water as usual. Casting tea is excellent for fruiting, flowering or difficult to access potted plants.
  9. Compost Piles - Spread a thin layer of earthworm castings between each new layer of material to be composted.

Product Info

Castings are sold in 3L, 7L and 20L bulk bags. We can also sell it by the yard on special request.

Please contact us for bulk pricing.


AZOMITE® is a uniquely natural material, mined in Central Utah, USA. For over seventy years, crop producers have used AZOMITE® to support plant growth and vitality. Typical assays reveal that the material contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements. AZOMITE® requires no mixing. It is odorless, will not burn plants and will not restrict aeration or water penetration. AZOMITE® is not manufactured or chemically prepared. It is 100% natural and completely free from additives, synthetics or fillers.


  1. Certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
  2. Improves health of plants
  3. Two textures available for varying rates of release into soil
  4. Odorless and non-toxic
  5. Will not burn plant roots
  6. Safe to use on all INDOOR and OUTDOOR plants

More Information:

Visit the official AZOMITE website for details.

AZOMITE® is sold in 5 lb bags and 15 pound buckets. We can also sell it by the yard on special request.

Please contact us for bulk pricing.

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