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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Elementary Workshops

Our Worm Workshops are interactive, brain based, hands on, and FUN! They provide students with basic information about worm anatomy, worm habitat/needs, worm casting benefits, and vermicomposting how to. Time is provided for exploration and inquiry with actual worms. This workshop has been designed to meet general and specific outcomes in the grade 2, 3, and 4 science programs of study. Although it is best suited to grade 4 learner outcomes it can be tailored to meet your specific needs upon request.

Classrooms can purchase a worm factory from us and have a demo on how to set it up as part of the presentation or we can show you how to build your own composter out of Rubbermaid containers.

Our presentations last about 90 minutes. Please see packages below for pricing information.

Option A

Worm Factory + Worms + Presentation

Call for Pricing

Option B

Vermicomposting Bin + Worms + Presentation

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Option C

Worm Workshops

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Adult Workshops

Our Worm Workshops are interactive and very informative! Our adult workshops provide an introduction to what vermicomposting is, how to set up your own bin or use one of our worm factories. We also spend time explaining the benefits of vermicompost and castings as well as give some troubleshooting tips for managing your home composter. Time is also provided for questions and discussion. We are flexible and willing to tailor our workshop to specifics groups needs. We bring a large display and have composters on hand for sale if people are interested.

We have done presentations for Country Blooms Greenhouse and The Campus Roots Society at the University of Lethbridge.

We can do small presentations for offices or small groups who just want to learn about setting up their own compost bins or large group presentations.

We are very flexible and are just EXCITED about sharing what we know with others.

Our adult presentations are $75 for a 90 minute workshop. Again, this can be changed and is negotiable depending on your groups needs.

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